The NRFight Club Paris is a combat sports gym.

There, you will find a tatami area for group and private lessons, dressing rooms with showers / toilets for men and women.
Convivial and quality courses are taught by professionals.
It is located in the 13th arrondissement of Paris at 33 rue des Terres au Cure.
You can easily get to the gym by public transport:
By subway: Olympiades station (line 14) or Porte d'Ivry station (line 7)

By tramway:  Porte d'Ivry station (line T2).
By car: a 5 minutes’ drive from the exit “Porte d'Ivry” of Paris’ ring road.

Apprendre la Luta Livre avec l'application NRFight

L’application NRFight regroupe l’ensemble des vidéos de promotions, web série et cours en ligne produit par NRFight Prod. Retrouvez aussi les informations essentielles des différents NRFight Clubs.

Réservez votre cours d'essai

Avant de vous engager, vous pouvez venir essayer un sport pour 10€ la séance d'essai, ils vous seront remboursés en cas d'inscription à la suite du cours. Pour un cours d'essai il vous suffit de venir en tenue sportive, apporter une paire de claquette et une bouteille d'eau.

Nous vous demandons de ne pas venir au club en cas d'infection cutanée ou avec une coupure non protégée.

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Some numbers

NRFight Club Paris in a few figures :

- More than 5 years of existence
- 70m² of training space
- More than 35 group lessons
per week
- 10 years  of experience

A club welcoming beginners and advanced practitioners:

- The youngest practitioner is 4 years old
- Our oldest practitioner is 63 years old
- Only one objective: To progress together

Les sports de combat pour tous

Entrainez vous à votre rythme

A Brazilian ground fighting style without Gi, which involves taking the opponent down to the ground in order to control him and making him submit through strangulations, joint locks or muscle slicers.

The courses are supervised by Nicolas Renier, professor and World-class competitor. He is the 1st French Luta Livre black belt 1st Dan but also the most accomplished European competitor in ground combat without Gi.
A graduated and enthusiast professor, Nicolas wants to make his combat sport more accessible to the largest number of practitioners possible.


This kick- boxing style offers great freedom in its practice since punches, kicks, elbows and knees strikes are allowed.
A graduated and diligent teacher, Roberto de Souza Gloria teaches in a convivial and serious atmosphere with Yohan Recourse.

Abonnement à partir de 29€ / mois

The MMA, Mixed Martial Arts, is a combat sport mixing Wrestling, Thai Boxing / Kick Boxing and Luta Livre, which gives to the practitioner a multitude of possibilities to defeat his opponent.

Entrainez vous 7/7 jours

NEW: At lunchtime, twice a week, Lady Boxing is a 100% female course.
Courses include Cardio-training, kick-boxing techniques and drills/sparring for those who desire it. There is nothing better to sweat and to relief stress during the lunch break.
This new course will be supervised by Ielo Page.
OLYMPIADES: 33 rue des terres au curé, 75013 PARIS
TOLBIAC: 185 Rue de Tolbiac , 75013 Paris